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These resources will help you check your knowledge of the most current issues addressed in truck-weight compliance training. They measure knowledge (in comparison to what should be known). Outcomes aren't meant to be a test, rather just a check of where attention is currently focused regarding truck-weight issues and questions.

Minnesota Gross Weight Tables

These tables are for reference only. All axles and tires must be in compliance to receive maximum legal weights.

*Denotes weights valid only with permit from proper road authority. Check before you haul. Minnesota DOT Permit Office (651)-296-6000

Bridge Formula Weights Calculator

The Bridge Formula Weights Calculator from the FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations provides a convenient way to determine the maximum allowable weight that any set of axles on a motor vehicle may carry on the Interstate highway system.

Other Key Resources

A listing of state and national information on load restrictions, permits, and regulations.



  • Bridge Formula Weights: Resource for how to calculate load weight for bridge travel from FHWA Freight Management and Operations.
  • Vehicle Size & Weight Program: Information on Federal standards and guidelines, state enforcement activities, reporting requirements, and contacts from FHWA Freight Management and Operations.

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