Windshield Wiper Deicer

A pneumatic system was installed to remove ice and snow on plow windshield wipers from inside the cab, keeping drivers safe and warm. The system has since been implemented by several agencies and counties.

Concrete Pipe Tie Bars

A tie-bar system on the exterior of concrete pipes allowed crews to positively tie sections of pipe together without having to go inside the pipes and also prevents debris from being snagged inside the pipes.

Increasing the Capacity of Slab-Span Timber Bridges

University of Minnesota research showed that increasing the number and size of spreader beams increased the capacity and performance of a slab-span timber bridge over Buffalo Creek to accommodate increased traffic and loads.

Pedestrian-Activated Solar Warning Flasher

Flashing lights activated by pedestrians drew attention to a crosswalk in St. Paul and initially reduced conflict points at the intersection, but traffic behavior reverted after about three months, showing the devices have short-term effects on vehicle stopping actions.

DuraTherm Pavement Markings

Ramsey County tested DuraTherm pavement markings at a highway intersection for durability, ease of installation, retro-reflectivity, and cost. Testing continues to determine if the markings outlast traditional epoxy treatments.