Extending the Life of Bituminous Overlays

Fiberglass mat TruPave was used prior to overlaying with new bituminous in order to prevent reflective cracking and provide a moisture barrier. A June 2006 inspection found that roadway sealed with TruPave averaged 36 cracks per 100 feet, while the control section averaged 79 cracks per 100 feet.

Recycled Tear-off Shingles Road Construction Demonstration

The use of post-industrial recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) as a partial asphalt and aggregate supplement in hot-mix asphalt (HMA) has been specified by Mn/DOT, but more field experience was required to demonstrate the use of post-consumer RAS. Several HMA blends containing RAS scraps were tested near the Town of Hassan.

Millings for Gravel Road Stabilization

Millings were added to Scott County roads that required expensive maintenance because of heavy traffic. The millings were a cheaper alternative that kept roadbeds sturdier as well as less dusty in dry weather and less slick in wet weather.

Pick Cutting Edges

Straight cutting edges on washboard roads disturb more gravel than necessary. Pick cutting edges were used to comb the road top instead. Picked blades also helped remove snow in the winter helped evenly spread caught up vegetation on the roadside.

Frost Boil Correction

Geo-Tec fabric was used to seal the road bed instead of rock or gravel in order to prevent frost boiling and other road defects. The material will be used in future road repairs.