Hot-Applied Asphalt as an Adhesive on Cold Longitudinal Asphalt Joints

An asphalt joint adhesive was used as a sealant on cold longitudinal asphalt joints and at the interface of asphalt pavement and concrete curb and gutter. The joint adhesive is pliable and will allow movement to occur without breaking, unlike the more rigid tack material formerly used to seal these areas.

Asphalt Emulsion Full-Depth Reclamation and Granular-Base Stabilization on Urban Streets

Several 7-ton streets scheduled for rehabilitation had their reclaimed road base stabilized with an asphalt emulsion to a depth of 4 inches. The emulsion provided added stiffness to the base section and allowed the depth of the new asphalt to be reduced from 3 1/2 inches to 2 inches.

Blind Lake Chloride Research Project

High concentrations of chlorides were identified in the Blind Lake basin in part due to pre-treated road salt leeching into the lake. To lessen the impacts of the chloride, the city used a “liquids only” anti-icing/deicing program in the area.

Blue Light Use for Traffic Enforcement

Enforcement lights, which turn blue as traffic lights turn red, were installed at a number of intersections to help police officers observe violators more effectively and reduce right-angle intersection crashes caused by drivers running red lights.

Crack Sealing on Cupped Joints on Bituminous Pavements

Extensive cupping at transverse cracks in bituminous pavements allows water intrusion and accelerates pavement deterioration. By using Bergman Companies Inc. Flex-Patch material and a fine aggregate cover to seal cupped transverse cracks and improve ride, the serviceable pavement life was extended without the more expensive mill and overlay.

Culvert Sediment Elimination

Three culverts installed at the same elevation often became plugged during periods of low and normal water flow. The construction of a rock weir near the inlets of two of the culverts forced the water to pass through only one pipe during low- and normal-flow periods. This kept water velocities high enough to minimize the collection of sediment.

Road Reclamation With and Without Emulsion

Counties run into a dilemma when the bituminous surface of older roads reaches failure but there are not sufficient funds to rebuild the road. Goodhue County split a 6-mile road project with poor surface conditions into two segments to determine if using an emulsion to build strength down into the existing structure was a viable alternative to the existing rehabilitation procedure.

Evaluation of Rear-Vision Systems for Snowplows

With a tandem snowplow, vision is very limited and several blind spots occur, particularly when the snowplow is backing up. Rear-vision cameras and LCD monitors were installed on snowplow trucks to determine if they would improve drivers' ability to see directly behind the plows during snow or ice events.