Otter Claw demonstration

The Otter Claw

The Otter Claw

Otter Tail County Highway Department maintenance staff developed an extendable culvert cleaner attachment for a skid steer to easily and safely remove large amounts of debris in as little as 10 minutes from culverts and ditches, around bridges, and in other previously hard-to-reach locations.

Road widener shouldering machine in motion

The Road Widener shouldering machine

Road Shouldering Machine Improvements

Redwood County Highway Department staff improved the design of a new road shouldering machine with innovative repairs following extensive damage by a gravel supply truck. An added angle iron deflector has been successful in shifting the truck tailgate pins away from the machine's frame, preventing further damage and the resulting downtime.

Winter weather monitoring system in demo

St. Louis County Public Works remotely monitors
winter road conditions

Winter Weather Monitoring System

St. Louis County Public Works Department staff developed a cost-effective network of remote cameras to monitor winter road conditions on 3,000 miles of county roads to save maintenance costs and improve road user safety.

Snowplow Brine Tank System

Winter weather monitoring system in demo

Rochester Public Works modified snowplow brine
tank system

Rochester Public Works Department staff modified their snowplow brine system by adding a "nurse" tank to ensure operators can apply prewetted salt throughout an entire plow event for enhanced effectiveness in melting snow and ice .