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Summer 2010 Vol. 18 No. 3

Intersection case studies

Technical summaries and newsletter articles are available from the FHWA for nine intersection safety case study success stories. These case studies describe crash reductions resulting from implementation of a specific intersection safety countermeasure or countermeasures.

One of the nine is Minnesota Roundabout—A Scott County Success Story (FHWA-SA-09-013).

Each technical summary contains information on the purpose and details of the treatment, evaluation methodology, cost and implementation time frame, any implementation issues, crash reductions achieved, and state or local contact information.

Another new technical summary, Mini-Roundabouts (FHWA-SA-10-007), provides an overview of the key considerations for planning, analysis, and design of single-lane mini-roundabouts. In addition to a discussion on characteristics, the document contains sections on the benefits of mini-roundabouts, user considerations, location considerations, operational analysis, design considerations, and costs.

Specific considerations for single-lane and multi-lane roundabouts are included in a separate FHWA technical summary titled Roundabouts (FHWA-SA-10-006).

For any of these publications, visit the FHWA Web site.

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