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Summer 2010 Vol. 18 No. 3

Maintenance Research Corner

Staff of Mn/DOT’s Maintenance Operations Research (MOR), along with the members of the Mn/DOT New Technology, Research, and Equipment Committee (NTREC), publish a monthly one-page bulletin of their latest news and findings. Below are products from recent bulletins. If you would like to be added to the bulletin mailing list, please e-mail Farideh Amiri of Mn/DOT Maintenance Research at

Ground penetrating radar

GPR is technology utilized to evaluate concrete bridge decks for delaminating concrete and overall deck condition. The software included with this system will provide clear and color-coded maps that show the severity of concrete delamination and overall deck condition. This tool will accurately determine the extent of concrete Type 1, 2, and 3 repairs. As a result, the District 6 Bridge Staff will be able to determine when and what type of overlay and deck replacements are needed and to determine the contractual requirements of deck repairs. This process will eliminate the need for chain dragging, which is the current manual method used for locating failing concrete.

For more information, contact Steve Miller, District 6 Rochester Bridge, 507-286-7697.

Pipe joint seal

Pipe joint seal
Photo courtesy of Trelleborg

The Internal Joint Seals are watertight compression seals that reduce groundwater infiltration and increase wastewater treatment capacity in underground pipes. These may extend the life of a pipe and allow the repairs to be done while the state highway is still open. These repairs are done without excavating the road, which will save labor, time, and costly surface repairs. While funds are limited, this may be a cheap alternative to complete pipe replacement. District 2 will test these seals for their pipe sealing performance, lifespan, and whether or not Mn/DOT will save money using them.

For more information, contact Stephen Hufnagle, transportation operations supervisor 2, Thief River Falls, 218-683-8016.

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