March 2017 Vol. 25, No. 1

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Video encourages compliance with load limits

Image of truck being weighed Image of truck being measured

Configuring trucks to haul loads legally is a win-win for the agencies that maintain our roads and the shippers and haulers who depend on them. The Minnesota Truck-Weight Education Program offers free workshops statewide that encourage voluntary compliance with truck-weight laws and regulations. A new video promoting the training is now available online to share widely with the freight industry and others who have a stake in maintaining our road networks.

"The truck-weight statutes are very complex," says Greg Hayes, the developer and coordinator of the training, in the video. "So I developed a program to help the industry understand the truck-weight laws … so that they could haul more weight legally."

The program addresses concerns from state, county, city, and township transportation authorities regarding damage from heavy trucks. Funding is provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation in cooperation with Alexandria Technical and Community College and Minnesota LTAP.

The video and other resources—including the 2017 training schedule, weight charts, and county weight information—are available here.