September 2017 Vol. 25, No. 3

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Get ready for next year's Mousetrap competition

cat and mouse

Now's the time to start planning for next year's Build a Better Mousetrap Competition. The purpose of the contest is to collect and share real-world examples of best practices and tips from the field.

Your entry can be anything from the development of tools or gadgets to equipment modifications to processes that increase safety, improve efficiency, reduce costs, or improve the quality of transportation.

To enter the competition, please complete the entry form on our website and submit it to by April 30, 2018. You're also encouraged (but not required) to submit photos of your project along with your entry form. Short YouTube-type videos are encouraged and may help explain the project better than written explanations. Videos do NOT need to be professional—they can be shot with your smartphone or tablet.

Entries will be judged using the criteria of cost savings, benefits to the community and/or agency, ingenuity, transferability to others, and effectiveness.

The state winners will receive a prize, and the winning entry will be submitted to the national competition.

So, start your engines...of creativity!