September 2017 Vol. 25, No. 3

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Minnesota & Nebraska LTAPs partner to deliver motor grader training

motor grader

Minnesota LTAP partnered with Nebraska LTAP this summer to provide a two-day training course for motor grader operators at four sites in Greater Minnesota.

The course is typical of the innovative approach LTAP uses to provide local transportation agencies with essential training in the most effective, cost-efficient way. "We’re continually looking for new ways to better meet the training needs of local agencies," says Mindy Carlson, Minnesota LTAP program manager. "This workshop is a great example of partnering with other LTAPs to share expertise and resources to the benefit of our local agencies, their staff, and the public they serve."

The training consists of one day in a classroom setting, then another day in a field setting on a local gravel road, with each workshop participant given a hands-on opportunity in a motor grader.

At a recent Stearns County training typical of the course, 12 participants shared six different motor graders over the course of the day.

“We try to cover all basics that a maintenance operator has to face,” says course instructor Brian Jackson of the Nebraska LTAP. “One of the things that really helps the class is to have an instructor who gets up in the machine and shows the operators how to actually set the machine and how to run it—and how to be able to run all the various types of machines.”

A short video about the training is available on our website. Minnesota LTAP plans to offer the training again in 2018.