September 2017 Vol. 25, No. 3

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Truck-weight classes updated to include new weight allowances

The 2017 Minnesota Legislature passed or amended several laws to allow increased weight on properly configured vehicles. The Minnesota Truck-Weight Education Training will present this new legislation in upcoming classes.

Fluid milk

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New statute 169.8295 (signed into law from HF1725 on May 23, 2017) allows a 10 percent increase for “single unit” vehicles hauling fluid milk from point of production, or another point of production for additional loading, to a point of first processing.

No permit is needed for this haul. Transportation on interstate highways is not allowed. Vehicles do not get an additional 10% during the winter load increase and must comply with all bridge and road postings. Vehicles operating under this statute must comply with all vehicle and tire ratings.

A new weight chart showing the 10% expanded weights for the fluid milk is available at

Note: Vehicles hauling milk under the raw or unprocessed agricultural law (169.865) do require a permit and are now allowed on the interstate system.

Road construction materials

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New statute 169.869 (effective January 1, 2018) will allow vehicles hauling road construction materials much of the same privileges as vehicles operating under the raw or unprocessed agricultural permit with some unique changes.

The commodities allowed under the new statute include aggregate material as defined in Minn. Stat. 298.75, subd. 1(a), asphalt, concrete and recycled road materials.

Vehicles operated under this statute require permits from each road authority (state, county, city, township) where transportation occurs. When properly authorized by permit, vehicles may travel on paved or unpaved streets or highways other than interstate highways. Local road authorities may identify preferred routes for trucks. Vehicles must comply with road and bridge postings.

Earth-moving vehicles


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Other increases include a specific permit for certain vehicles hauling earth-moving tires on specific routes up to 108,000 pounds GVW. This will be added to statute 169.864 as Subdivision2a.

Emergency vehicles

Statute 169.829 will also add a subdivision 4 to exempt certain emergency vehicles such as fire and rescue vehicles from size, load, and weight regulations.

Greg Hayes, instructor, Minnesota Truck-Weight Education Training

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