June 2018 Vol. 26, No. 2

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Northern North American lakes are getting saltier
As a result of winter road salt application, chloride content has increased in North American lakes.

Best practices aim to help turfgrass thrive
A University of Minnesota research team has identified best management practices for installing and establishing a type of salt-tolerant turfgrass.

Shoreview's previous concrete pavements lessen the impact of stormwater runoff
A new MnDOT report evaluates the performance of pervious concrete pavements in the City of Shoreview’s Woodbridge Neighborhood.


Real performance characteristics of deicing salts
Scott Koefod, principal scientist for the Cargill Salt Group, spoke at the 18th Annual Road Salt Symposium on how to optimize the use of deicing salts.

Field-testing multiple factors that affect plowing and deicing
Stephen Druschel of Minnesota State University, Mankato, investigated the effectiveness and efficiency of snowplow blades and pavement deicers.

Water-softener brine recycled for sidewalks
Steve Brown Apartments in Madison, Wisconsin, uses recycled bitter softener brine for winter sidewalk maintenance.


Base stabilizer guidebook helps agencies select additives
A new guidebook will help city and county engineers select the most promising stabilizing additives for individual road reclamation projects.

Evaluating pickle brine for ice control
Carver County staff purchased a brine-making system and studied the viability of using pickle brine in winter maintenance operations.


Training modules available for temporary traffic control
MnDOT State Aid has created a web page with training resources for the Minnesota Temporary Traffic Control Field Manual.

Fall Maintenance Expo: Oct. 3–4
The expo is worth 1.0 Roads Scholar credit.

Help stop the spread of invasive species
Don't mow through weeds with ripe seed…and other tips.

Is it real...or is it fake?
Can you guess if the stories are fake or real?


Social media can be effective part of public engagement plans
Social media can be effective as a strategic and select part of public engagement plans, according to findings of a University of Minnesota study.

Since when is 'friend' a verb?
Facebook's rise made the use of "friend" as a verb much more common.


High friction surface treatments: synthesis
MnDOT and local transportation agencies in Minnesota are evaluating the use of high friction surface treatments as a safety strategy on roadways.

The Shelf
Recent publications from various sources.

Arrest the pest!
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has guidelines and an app to help you identify and report harmful pests.

Apps remind you to stay hydrated
Need a reminder to stay hydrated this summer? There's an app for that.