September 2018 Vol. 26, No. 3

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Brush up on your winter skills with free online modules

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A comprehensive snowplow operator and supervisor training program is available online from Clear Roads. The program is meant for entry-level and experienced snowplow operators and supervisors.

Clear Roads is making the training materials available free of charge to any agency, including local and county highway departments.

The 22-module program covers equipment, materials, techniques, and procedures. The 22 modules contain 1,300 presentation slides and provide more than 42 hours of training materials. Each module is designed to be presented by an instructor and includes a PowerPoint file with teaching notes and aids plus an instructor’s guide with detailed directions, notes, resources, references, and suggested activities. A set of pre- and post-assessment tests is also included.

For access to the training materials, contact Clear Roads administrator Greg Waidley at 608-490-0552 or