March 2019 Vol. 27, No. 1

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Road map aims to make zero deaths a reality
The comprehensive suite of tools, dubbed “A Road Map for Implementing the Toward Zero Deaths National Strategy on Highway Safety,” is available for free on the National TZD website.


Plowing intersections and interchanges: training materials available
A complete set of training materials from Clear Roads is available, including a video (with clearing animations), a manual, and reference cards.

SOS: StopOverSalting to save our waters
The Freshwater Society presented its Environmental Leadership Awards at the 19th Annual Road Salt Symposium on February 7 in Plymouth.


Time to submit your "Mousetrap" idea
Submit your entry to the Minnesota Build a Better Mousetrap Competition by May 31.

Association awards
Annual awards from MCEA, CEAM, and APWA-Mn.


Local OPERA project: Biobased sealant for bridge decks
City of Hutchinson staff chose to use a product because it is 90% biobased.

Tool helps prioritize pavement markings on low-volume roads
A new decision-making tool can help local agencies make cost-effective decisions about installing and maintaining pavement markings.

Strategies to help mitigate chloride from road deicers
Researchers measured the transport and accumulation of chloride from road deicers in a metro-area watershed.


Cities advised to set aesthetic standards for wireless infrastructure
A Federal Communications Commission ruling affects state and local management of small cell wireless infrastructure deployment.

TPT, MnDOT create drone safety video
So you own a drone. Now what? That’s the title of a new video created by Twin Cities PBS and MnDOT.

MnDOT develops UAS expertise for bridge inspection
Researchers continued to advance expertise for using UAS to inspect Minnesota bridges.


Five factors for successful longitudinal joint construction
A report from the National Road Research Alliance looks at good construction practices and outlines some elements to focus on.

Videos explain essentials of concrete and asphalt pavement preservation treatments
Two new videos for local agencies cover the essentials of preservation treatments for concrete and asphalt pavements.

Could a fungus heal concrete?
A team at Binghamton University–State University of New York is looking at adding a fungus to concrete to enable self-healing.


The Shelf
Recent publications from various sources.

Federal-aid Essentials for Local Agencies
This FHWA program is designed to help local agency professionals navigate the Federal-aid Highway Program.


Roads Scholars: Where are they now?
In this issue we hear from Charles Fredericks, a 2018 grad.

Demo Day to showcase drones
Demo Day is showcasing an exciting new topic this year: drones as an emerging technology for use in our transportation system.

Brush up on your winter skills with Clear Roads online training modules
A 22-module program covers equipment, materials, techniques, and procedures.