March 2019 Vol. 27, No. 1

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Plowing intersections and interchanges: training materials available

highway graphic four-leg intersection

Best practice example for clearing a four-leg intersection.
Using one single truck with front and right-side wing plows,
nine passes are needed to clear the intersection.
Step-by-step instructions are given in the materials.

A complete set of training materials from Clear Roads is now available, including a video (with clearing animations), a manual, and reference cards.

To create the materials, Clear Roads researchers gathered nationwide data about plowing 10 different types of intersections and interchanges and identified best practices. Survey respondents from 21 states evaluated and commented on proposed plow paths, techniques, and equipment for clearing snow from 10 road layouts:

  1. Roundabout intersection
  2. Four-leg intersection
  3. Displaced left-turn intersection
  4. Median U-turn intersection
  5. Double roundabout interchange
  6. Diamond interchange
  7. Cloverleaf interchange with C/D lanes
  8. Single-point interchange
  9. Diverging diamond interchange
  10. Directional T interchange.

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