March 2019 Vol. 27, No. 1

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Videos explain essentials of concrete and asphalt pavement preservation treatments

Two new videos for local agencies cover the essentials of preservation treatments for concrete and asphalt pavements. The videos are part of the FHWA Federal-Aid Essentials collection of informational videos for local agencies.

The videos explain a long-term strategy of applying timely and appropriate preventive treatments to maintain good pavement condition and extend pavement life.

The concrete video (7:08) reviews five preservation techniques—joint resealing and crack sealing, diamond grinding, grooving, load-transfer restoration and cross-stitching, and partial and full-depth repairs—and explains how a county applied the treatments on a maintenance project.

The asphalt video (6:33) reviews treatments such as crack and fog seals, chip seals, and overlays and reviews how one municipality reassessed its pavement preventive maintenance guidelines in an effort to extend pavement life.

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