March 2023Vol. 31, No. 1

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Pavement app guides users on preservation techniques

Screenshot of Pavement app

The Pavement Preservation Checklist app offers easy access to a series of 23 checklists created by the FHWA. Guidance on a range of techniques is included.

The checklists outline key activities to perform before, during, and after pavement and maintenance construction activities. Using the free app, users can:

  • Create projects with any number of checklists.
  • Add notes and pictures to any checklist item.
  • View reference videos and images.
  • Export checklists to share with colleagues.

Components include document review, specification identification, inspection guidelines for plant and equipment, inspection of construction activities, and troubleshooting.

The checklists were updated as part of round four of the FHWA’s EDC program to help agencies with the transition to e-construction. The app was developed by researchers at Iowa State University as part of this work.

The app is available through Google Play and the App Store. The checklists are also on the FHWA website.