COVID-19 Resources

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Video on preventing the spread of infectious diseases in work zones

Personal Protective Equipment

Downloadable posters, a pocket guide, and other resources inform employers about state and federal requirements and encourage employees to use PPE.


Workplace Safety Tips

To help you avoid injuries and stay safe on the job, Minnesota LTAP has created safety tip sheets covering topics from scaffolding to fleet safety.

  1. Abrasive Wheel Machinery and Tools (107 KB PDF) | Poster size version (24" x 36") (107 KB PDF)
  2. Fleet Safety: Backing Accidents (111 KB PDF)
  3. Forklift Operation (117 KB PDF)
  4. Heat Stress (108 KB PDF)
  5. Ladders (113 KB PDF)
  6. Safe Lifting Techniques (109 KB PDF)
  7. Medical Services at Construction Job Sites (109 KB PDF)
  8. Personal Fall-Protection Systems (112 KB PDF)
  9. Scaffolding 101: The Basics (108 KB PDF)
  10. Excavation Requirements (104 KB PDF)
  11. Aerial Lifts (164 KB PDF)
  12. Crane Swing Radius (169 KB PDF)
  13. Competent Person (169 KB PDF)
  14. Portable Power Tools (165 KB PDF)
  15. Means of Egress (167 KB PDF)
  16. Hard Hats (163 KB PDF)
  17. Warning Lines (162 KB PDF)
  18. Safety Training and Education (166 KB PDF)
  19. Rigging Equipment for Material Handling (165 KB PDF)
  20. Site Safety and Clean-up (171 KB PDF)
  21. Safety Shoes and Boots (184 KB PDF)
  22. Mowing Operations (182 KB PDF)

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More Information

The Minnesota LTAP Librarian can help you find and obtain LTAP and CTS publications and research, as well as transportation-related materials from other libraries and databases.

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