CTAP—the Circuit Training and Assistance Program—provides training in the latest transportation-related tools and technologies to maintenance personnel from townships, cities, counties, and the state.

With support from the Center for Transportation Studies, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and the Minnesota Local Road Research Board, CTAP is the mobile arm of the Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). It uses a fully equipped van to provide on-site technical assistance and training throughout Minnesota—at or near your place of work.

Participants receive down-to-earth, practical training and hands-on demonstrations of new equipment, materials, and techniques. The classes also give workers an opportunity to share their own maintenance ideas and innovations with peers.

Upcoming CTAP Webinars

Instructor-Led Workshops

CTAP workshops can be held anywhere with enough space for displays and demonstrations, providing the site is reasonably quiet and comfortable. CTAP workshops are informal and usually hands-on—in fact, many are held in or adjacent to maintenance facilities. The CTAP van is fully equipped for training, so sites with easy access to the van are preferred.

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently scheduling in-person sessions of these courses. However, on-demand virtual sessions tailored to your agency are available! To schedule a class, contact CTAP instructor Kathy Schaefer, 651-366-3575 or Kathleen.Schaefer@state.mn.us, or Katherine Stanley at sell0146@umn.edu.

Current CTAP training courses:

Online Training Modules

These online video modules were created to offer flexible, timely, and accessible training to keep local agencies up-to-date while COVID-19 pandemic conditions prevent us from offering in-person instruction. The modules are available at no cost, but supervisors or training coordinators must facilitate this training with their staff.


Kathy Schaefer
CTAP Instructor
395 John Ireland Blvd., MS 722
St. Paul, MN 55155
651-366-3575, Kathleen.Schaefer@state.mn.us

Minnesota LTAP
Center for Transportation Studies
University Office Plaza, Suite 440
2221 University Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
612-626-1077, mnltap@umn.edu