Work-Zone Safety Tutorial

Welcome to Minnesota LTAP's online work-zone tutorial. The purpose of this tutorial is to offer a convenient opportunity for new, seasonal, or temporary staff to learn about the fundamentals of work-zone safety and the basic concepts of the work-zone area before arriving at the job site. This tutorial addresses many of the hazards inherent in road and street work and how these dangers can be minimized to keep motorists, pedestrians, and employees safe. 

The online tutorial was designed to provide work-zone employees with an understanding of the most basic aspects of safety in a work zone and encourage them to develop safe habits. It begins with how a worker should prepare before entering the work zone, and it doesn't end until the worker is off site and out of the work-zone area. 


The training includes a slide presentation, pictures, video, and a question/answer section to check comprehension of the material. All reading assignments are available online within the tutorial, so no additional books or materials need to be purchased.

Tutorial Objectives

  • Define “work zone”
  • Identify three things you need to know before working in traffic
  • Identify the component parts of a work zone
  • Explain how to safely exit traffic flow and enter the work zone
  • Identify safety techniques to use in the work zone
  • Explain how to safely exit the work zone and re-enter traffic flow

Who Should Take This Tutorial

The primary audience for this tutorial is construction, maintenance, and utility workers, though the training material is not limited to these groups. The tutorial is designed to introduce seasonal or temporary employees to the roadway experience and enhance the formal training they will receive. Additionally, this tutorial serves as an excellent refresher for existing staff.  


This tutorial qualifies for 0.5 Roads Scholar Program Maintenance Certificate credit. To receive credit, you must complete and submit the quiz provided at the end of the tutorial.

More Information

There is no cost to take the tutorial. For more information or with questions, contact Minnesota LTAP, 612-626-1077.


This tutorial is not designed to replace formal instructor-led training or to take precedence over your agency policies. Rather it is designed as an introduction to working on the roadway, and to enhance formal training an employee will receive. Please read the full disclaimer before starting the tutorial.

Tutorial Structure

This tutorial is divided into five sections:

  • Introduction (1 slide)
  • Before You Work in Traffic (12 slides)
  • Entering the Work Zone (4 slides)
  • Your Safety While in the Work Zone (7 slides)
  • Exiting the Work Zone (6 slides)

At the end of each section, there will be several questions to check your understanding of the material provided.

Helpful resources, including definitions and further training opportunities can be found in the left navigation.

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