Are you a maintenance worker or supervisor with a transportation or public works agency in Minnesota? Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of maintenance best practices or enhancing your leadership skills? If so, then Minnesota LTAP's Roads Scholar Program is for you!

The Roads Scholar Program provides training and professional development opportunities to local agency staff through a series of certificate programs. Each program combines high-quality, low-cost training into a structured curriculum to help you advance your skills—and career.

Enrollment in the program is free, but there is a small charge to attend many of the required classes. Each certificate program includes a mix of online courses and workshops offered across Minnesota, making them easily accessible to most local agencies.

Maintenance Operations and Technical Certificate

This certificate gives local transportation personnel the opportunity to improve their road and bridge maintenance skills. You'll learn proven techniques as well as how the latest technologies and innovations can be applied to your particular maintenance problems.

To earn your certificate, you must earn eight credits within five years from available LTAP courses.

Leadership, Supervisory, and Operations Management Certificate

This new certificate is an ideal option for new managers, supervisors and those transitioning into a leadership role. Courses focus on the management of local agency and public works organizations and operations.

To earn your certificate, you must complete four designated LTAP leadership courses.

Civil Engineering Technician Certificates

This certificate series is designed to help local agencies advance their current employees into hard-to-fill civil engineering technician positions. The series consists of three levels, which align with civil technician position skill requirements and responsibilities.

Roads Scholar Contact Information

Samantha Redmond
Minnesota LTAP, Program Coordinator
Phone: 612-626-4965

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