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This certificate series is designed to help local agencies advance their current employees into hard-to-fill civil engineering technician positions. It is also a great way to engage and train employees who have demonstrated interest and aptitude so they are qualified when career advancement opportunities become available.

The Civil Engineering Technician Certificate series consists of three levels. Each level builds upon the last to align with civil technician position skill requirements and responsibilities at local agencies:

  • Civil Engineering Technician Certificate Level I aligns with Civil Technician I positions
  • Civil Engineering Technician Certificate Level II aligns with Civil Technician II positions
  • Civil Engineering Technician Certificate Level III aligns with Civil Technician III positions

Students can enroll to start working toward their Level I certificate now! Curriculum for Level II and Level III certificates is still in development.

Civil Engineering Technician Level I Certificate

The Level I certificate focuses on foundational skills and knowledge. Students must complete the following six courses to receive their certificate:

Agencies may require students to complete additional MnDOT and industry certifications to be qualified for Civil Technician I positions. Those certifications will be determined by each local agency. Minnesota LTAP will not track the completion of these additional requirements, but certificates will include a space for supervisors or other agency representatives to validate that the requirements have been met. 

We recommend individuals use the Training Roadmap for Civil Engineering Technicians to document the completion of their courses and any additional certifications.

Civil Engineering Technician Level II and Level III Certificates

Curriculum for these certificates is still in development. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.


When you complete your final course, Minnesota LTAP will send confirmation letters to you and your supervisor and a press release to your local newspaper. Graduates for the year are honored during a ceremony at the Minnesota Roadway Maintenance Training and Demo Day or the Fall Maintenance Expo and announced in the LTAP newsletter.

Students who complete their coursework by December 31 are considered part of the graduating class for that year.

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With questions, please contact Katherine Stanley at 612-626-1023 or sell0146@umn.edu.