Do I have to complete the Maintenance Certificate program before I can enroll in the Leadership Certificate program?
No! You can earn the certificates in any order, or work toward both at the same time.

Do credits from the Maintenance Certificate program count toward the Leadership Certificate program?
At this time, the only workshop that provides credit for both certificate programs is our Writing that Works course. Other credits you earn as part of the Maintenance Certificate program are not applicable or transferable to the Leadership Certificate.

When do I receive my certificate and other recognition?
When your final course is completed, Minnesota LTAP will send a letter of confirmation to you. Award recognition is held at the Minnesota Roadway Maintenance Training and Demo Day and the Fall Maintenance Expo.

A letter will be sent to your supervisor and your picture will be posted on the Minnesota LTAP website. An announcement of all graduates for the year will be included in our Exchange newsletter, and a press release will be sent to your local newspaper.

What if I decide to not continue the program?
You are under no obligation to complete the program, and you may resume your training anytime.

May I attend workshops if I am not enrolled in the program?
Absolutely! We encourage everyone interested in learning new skills and gaining valuable knowledge in road construction and maintenance to attend as many LTAP workshops as they wish.