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Minnesota Truck-Weight Education for Road Authority and Enforcement Staff

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The Minnesota Statewide Truck-Weight Education Program has provided the trucking industry with tools to assist in complying with Minnesota's truck-weight limits for the past 12 years. Many program workshops have been attended by regulatory and enforcement agency staff who wanted to become more familiar with truck-weight laws and limits. These attendees expressed the need for an educational class designed for enforcement staff to help them address increasing requests from road authorities to administer truck-weight laws on local roads.

This course was developed to provide specialized training to enforcement and regulatory agency staff. The course features many elements of the traditional truck-weight course as well as more focused enforcement training, including an explanation of truck-weight statutes, weighing guidance, and an on-site demonstration of portable scales.

Date & Location

Not currently scheduled.

Topics Covered

  • An update of road weight limits and differences between the state and local systems
  • Laws governing gross weights, axle weights, tire weights, road-restriction weights, and seasonally increased (winter and harvest) weights
  • Road damage issues: how overweight trucks cost us all
  • Overweight truck issues go beyond just gross and axle weights
  • Classroom exercises to help you identify concerns in your own trucks
  • What's different between axle spacing? What are the legal tire weights?
  • New legislation regarding raw or unprocessed agricultural permits

Who Should Attend

Any enforcement or regulatory staff who may be asked to enforce or implement Minnesota truck-weight limits.

Please Note: This is not a “permitting” class for those who haul over-dimensional or overweight equipment that requires an oversize permit from either the state or county agencies. The class does cover the permit requirement for harvest and timber commodities and the 10 percent winter-load-increase (WLI) permit for trucks operating on Interstate highways.

Course Instructor

Greg Hayes is a retired state patrol regional supervisor, focused on truck weight enforcement and education. He worked with bordering states and provinces on weight-related issues and has been the the developer and coordinator of the Minnesota Statewide Truck-Weight Education Program since 2001. He currently works with road authorities, enforcement, and industry to gain mutual understanding of the very technical truck weight laws.


POST credits will be available for this training.

Informational Contact

For questions regarding course content, please contact course instructor Greg Hayes at 218-684-1764 or


This program is funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), in cooperation with Alexandria Technical College and the University of Minnesota. Facilitated by the College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota.

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