As part of its mobile simulator training program, MnDOT offers on-site simulator training for snowplow operators. The training is designed for new or veteran drivers, allowing them to improve their ability to recognize and react to a variety of road conditions and hazards to better manage risk. The interactive driving simulation system—the first of its kind in Minnesota—includes two simulators housed in a 32-foot self-contained trailer with a classroom slideout, enabling the training to take place at any location.

MnDOT offers two separate four-hour lessons focused on snowplow operators:

  • Snowplows and speed: This training exposes drivers to the risks and consequences of improper speed. Topics covered include braking distance, stopping distance, freeway speed scenarios, urban speed scenarios, speeding on ramps and curves, and proper speed given terrain, weather and traffic.
  • Snowplow handling and underbody usage: This training includes best practices, rules of the road, and factors that affect a driver’s decision-making ability, including personal characteristics, health and family, equipment knowledge, work environment, and hazard perception.

Schedule a Session

The simulator calendar (PDF) shows when the training will be available in your area in 2021–2022, as well as dates when statewide training is available. The cost per four-hour training session is $600, with a maximum of six students per session. Cities and counties are encouraged to work together to fill a session.

Contact Andrew Kubista at 651-366-3560 or with questions or to schedule a session.

More Information

For more information about available courses and how trainings are conducted, download MnDOT's brochure (PDF).

With questions, contact Andrew Kubista, 651-366-3560 or, or Brad Swartz, 651-366-5282 or



This training is offered by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.