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About the Program

Each year, truck traffic is increasing in Minnesota. Recent legislation has changed some long-standing truck-weight laws, allowing some commodities additional weights. With proper vehicle configurations and, when needed, permits, gross weights can increase beyond the normal 80,000 pounds. Understanding the terms and conditions of these statutes are important.

The statewide training of the Minnesota Truck-Weight Education Program addresses issues and concerns of the industry and all levels of road authority regarding truck-weight issues. The training provides information that explains the road weight regulations during various times of the year, including the winter load increase (WLI) and spring load restrictions (SLR). The program promotes voluntary compliance to reduce damage to public roads and highways from overweight vehicles. Its goal is to provide voluntary compliance by helping attendees understand all options and regulations, which may, in some cases, allow additional legal weight by understanding the benefits of a properly configured vehicle. How you configure your truck, with proper axle spacing and tires size, makes a difference.


The resources found here may be especially useful to trucking entities, scale operators, farm truck owners and operators, aggregate haulers, truck manufacturers, township and county authorities, new truck dealers, out-of-state companies bound by Minnesota’s legal weight limits, and truck driving students.

Course Instructors

Instructors include:

  • Tom J. Nelson, Training Coordinator and Instructor
  • Paul Robischon, Instructor

If you have taken the training and have statute or configuration questions, please contact tkweight@umn.edu for technical support.