September 2023Vol. 31, No. 3

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MnLTAP staff updates: New roles and faces, same stellar service!
MnLTAP is pleased to share news about our leadership and staffing.


Road shouldering machine gets an upgrade using OPERA funding
A machine modified by the Redwood County Highway Department help crews disperse more gravel in less time.

St. Louis County uses OPERA funding for remote camera system and wins national Mousetrap award!
The St. Louis County Public Works Department implemented a remote camera network to monitor road conditions and manage responses.

Minnesota Mousetrap awards
First place goes to Otter Tail County for the Otter Claw and second place to the City of Bloomington for its Sidewalk Snow Blower Castors project.

Speed hump form speeds installation
Lakewood, Colorado, staff created an adjustable speed hump form.

Categories added to Minnesota Mousetrap Competition
MnLTAP has created two award categories: the Pioneer Award and the Smart Transformation Award.

Send us your OPERA ideas!
If you are looking for funds to help you test and study an innovation, consider applying for an OPERA grant.

Submit your ideas for Minnesota’s Build a Better Mousetrap competition!
As you work on projects throughout the year, please keep next year’s contest in mind.


Transverse rumble strips: Which designs change driver behavior?
To help guide planning, researchers explored which transverse rumble strips designs are most effective in changing driver behaviors.

Iowa considers targeted, statewide rumble strips in response to deadly crash
In response to a fatal crash several years ago, Iowa is making a concerted effort to determine the best way to implement transverse rumble strips.

MnDOT, FHWA rumble resources
See what else is available.

Pedestrian safety features for year-round maintenance
A study identified best practices for designing pedestrian safety countermeasures that not only reduce the risks of crashes and other incidents but also are compatible with effective winter maintenance operations.

Deer ticks are still active in fall—stay alert for Lyme disease
Ticks are active as long as the temperature is above freezing, so know the basics about Lyme disease.


Accessing federal funds for your local government project
There are three paths to obtaining federal funds under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: Formula funds, Discretionary grants, and Congressionally directed spending projects.


Legislature passes Highways for Habitat Program
The law requires MnDOT to establish an integrated roadside management program for its vegetated roadsides.


The Shelf
Recent publications from various sources.

Avoid corrosion on winter equipment connectors
A Clear Roads synthesis project gathered information that will help transportation agencies reduce—or avoid—the corrosion of electrical connections on winter maintenance equipment.

Clear Roads project creates standard protocol for testing snowplow blades
A project investigated different snowplow blades and developed a test protocol for evaluating and selecting blades.

CTS annual impacts report published
Please take a few moments to read the online report.


MnLTAP training preview
See what’s coming in fall/winter 2023 and spring 2024.

Get ready for winter with these resources!
Check out the resources on our website.

Summer campers learn from local agency staff
MnLTAP coordinated participation by transportation agency and industry representatives in two U of M youth summer camps.

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