This full‐day training gave attendees an understanding of how to provide accessibility in the public right‐of‐way from scoping through final design. The course covered the basic design requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how those needs relate to the broader concepts of designing facilities that are usable, constructable, and maintainable.

This course was designed to provide local agencies and their consultants with a detailed understanding of the design of accessible sidewalks, curb ramps, signals, etc., as well as the relationship to project scope. Using an examples‐based approach, the course guided participants through a series of case studies to demonstrate the role of effective scoping, outside‐in design, context‐based design approaches, and best practices from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. This course provided the context for role of compliance in the broader goal of accessibility.

Dates & Locations

Minnesota LTAP is not currently offering any sessions of this training.

For more information about upcoming in-person workshops offered by MnDOT, please visit the MnDOT ADA Training web page.

Workshop Materials

The following materials are from the April 25, 2018, session of this course, which was held in St. Paul, MN.

Session 1: The Importance of ADA

Session 2: MnDOT Standard Plans

Session 3: Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Session 4: Outside-In Design

Session 5: ADA Design Case Studies

Session 6: Project Scoping


Todd Grugel, P.E., has been the ADA program engineer for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) since 2010. Those responsibilities involve most aspects of ADA project delivery, including the support and oversight of MnDOT ADA design and construction projects, standards and specifications development, program funding, and technical training. Todd is a civil engineering graduate of North Dakota State University and has experience in construction, water resources, maintenance, and traffic engineering. Previously, Todd was a member of the I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge Replacement and the TH 212 expansion design build projects and was the resident construction engineer for the southeast Twin Cities metro area.

Timothy A. Hruska, P.E., L.S., is a senior associate and civil engineer/municipal team leader with WHKS & Co. He has 16 years of experience with project management, design, and preparation of plans and specifications for survey, municipal, and transportation improvement projects. Tim is the project manager for WHKS’ ongoing projects with MnDOT for ongoing services to augment the staff efforts for ADA design and construction projects. These projects entail reviewing, consulting, teaching, and communicating design and construction requirements of the MnDOT ADA compliance program. He is a licensed professional engineer and surveyor in Minnesota and is a graduate of South Dakota State University.

More Information

With questions, please contact Mindy Carlson at or 612‐625‐1813.


This training is sponsored by the Minnesota Local Road Research Board, Minnesota Department of Transportation, and Minnesota LTAP.