City of St. Anthony Village, In-Pavement LED Pedestrian Crossing Operations and Effectiveness

City of St. Anthony Village, In-Pavement LED Pedestrian Crossing Operations and Effectiveness

In-Pavement LED Pedestrian Crossing Operations and Effectiveness

The City of St. Anthony Village installed a pedestrian-activated in-pavement lighting system designed to increase driver compliance in yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians at a potentially dangerous mid-block crossing. The system warns motorists as they are approaching the pedestrian crossing when it is occupied by pedestrians or about to be occupied by pedestrians.

Nonintrusive Road and Weather Information System

During night and weekend weather events, staff at the City of Eden Prairie had a difficult time determining when a full deployment of personnel was needed for snow and ice removal. To facilitate decision making, the city installed a Vaisala road and weather information station that provides real-time information on weather conditions and the current grip level of the roadway

Traffic Control Response Trailer

The City of Lakeville Streets Division purchased a trailer and fabricated racks to store barricades and other traffic control devices. The trailer has helped the city to better store its traffic control devices, improve its response to traffic control and barricade placement needs, and save time and labor costs.

Sign Inventory Storage Cabinets

Olmsted County lacked the ability to efficiently store and maintain its sign inventory. The county developed a durable storage cabinet system that vertically stores the county's multiple sizes and shapes of signs. The system allows for easy access and protects the sign sheeting from damage.

Chip Seal over Gravel Road

Silver Creek Township wanted a more affordable solution that could help reduce maintenance costs for gravel roads that have low traffic volumes and primarily serve residential homes and farms. The township applied a flexible chip-seal mat on four miles of gravel roads, which has made the roads smoother, ride better, and less muddy and dusty.