Nicollet County

Nicollet County, Versatile Spraying Unit

Back-up Sensor Technology for Snowplows

When Stearns County drivers have to back up large trucks, they are challenged by a large blind spot. It can be difficult for drivers to ensure that the path behind the truck is clear. To address this problem, the county installed Precise View back-up systems on three tandem dump trucks in 2013.

Versatile Spraying Unit

Nicollet County’s existing method of spraying noxious weeds and brush sites was slow, unsafe,
and inefficient. In response, the county designed and fabricated a versatile spraying unit. The unit consists of a mountable platform that contains tanks, hoses, and a pump, which can be easily installed on and removed from an existing flatbed one-ton county pickup truck.

Evaluating Local Road Rehab Alternatives

Brown County conducted pavement strength and performance analysis on thin HMA overlays and chip-seal surface treatments over recycled stabilized bases. The county also identified pertinent research to characterize the various stabilization treatments and how they might perform in relation to the overlay or chip seal.

Vinyl Wrap for Paint Truck

The Sherburne County paint crew is always given the worst truck of the fleet since it is likely to get paint on it during painting operations. The county installed a vinyl wrap on the box and tailgate of a pickup truck. This allowed the paint crew to have access to a newer truck with better strobes and an extended cab.

Evaluation of Expanded Polypropylene Rings for Manhole Grade Adjustment

Eden Prairie installed new polypropylene (foam) plastic manhole rings in its town center. These rings are lighter and more durable than concrete and offer more versatility than hard plastic rings, since they can be easily stacked or staggered when necessary. 

Roadway Shouldering Machine Modification

Otter Tail County’s shouldering machine was mounted on the front of its motor grader. The machine required two people to operate, with one person sitting in a very unsafe position out on the shouldering machine. The county rebuilt the machine so it can be mounted on a John Deere loader and operated more safely by a single operator.